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Manzoku's Journal

Accounts of the Ambassador to the Land of Totoros.

11 July
A collection of random blurbs about myself:

I graduated from my dream school, the University of Chicago, with A.B.s in Psychology and Biological Sciences; I then graduated from UIC College of Medicine. I am currently a psychiatry resident.

I am intrigued by differing views on reality, and I study various religions, philosophies, and ways of thought

I speak Spanish at a decent level (as in, I am able to serve as translator in clinics) and I am working on my Japanese. I am considering Polish, ASL, and other languages...

I literally like all kinds of music (not like many people that just say that) and I like a eclectic mix of films and anime.

I use Linux on my desktop (except for games) and have a Powerbook laptop. Linux = the shit, it puts Windows to shame.

I believes that this nation needs universal healthcare. I enjoy working in academic / VA settings.

Though I love all of psychiatry and medicine in general, I find the following things the most interesting:

- Personality Disorders
- Psychosis
- Anxiety
- Catatonia
- Various neuropsychiatric syndromes

- Preventative Medicine
- Infectious disease
- Alternative medicine

That is all, for now.
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